How big of a check will you have to write at the closing table? Or, in terms relating to the mortgage industry, what’s the “cash to close?” The Loan Estimate lists the cash to close amount in 2 different places:

The first place is at the very bottom of Page 1, in the “Costs at Closing” section. This is the bottom-line number.

The second place it could be found is in the “Calculating Cash to Close” section on Page 2. This also lists the various categories of fees, costs and credits that add up to the cash to close.


Below are categories that may be listed in the “Calculating Cash to Close” section.

  • Total closing costs
  • Minus any closing costs that are rolled into the loan amount
  • Plus the down payment
  • Minus the deposit the home buyer made when the offer was accepted
  • Minus seller credits
  • Plus or minus adjustments, refunds for over payments and other credits